Welcome To Czechbook

This purpose of this site is to provide a resource for those wishing to know more about the Czech republic. It is not intended to be an exhaustive guide to everything about the country, but more a personal view of what I love about it. If you want more detailed information I trust that you will find the links included here of help in pointing you in the right direction. There are many other sites, some specialising in certain aspects of Czech life, or culture or language, and others offering many resources for the traveller. Some of these are officially endorsed by the Czech government and I have no desire to compete in any way with these. If my site encourages you, entertains you, or educates you in any way, then I will feel that my labour has been worth while.
The site is divided into two main sections: Travel and Language.


The Travel section includes a tour of parts of the Czech Republic, mainly Prague, based upon my own visits. These are illustrated by my own photographs. You can view the photographs without the commentary by choosing "Slideshows" from the menu at the left. If you are considering a visit to the Czech Republic you will find helpful information on how to get there, and how to get around inside the country from the relevant sections.


If you are considering learning the Czech language, either as a serious study, or for the purpose of a holiday, there is useful information to be found in this section. Links are provided to external sites offering online courses, or other resources, and also to helpful books and written courses. My own experience of learning Czech may be helpful to you.

I realise that some may find it frustrating that not all the links are yet active, but if you have tried to design web pages you will realise that it can be very time-consuming. So these pages are very much "work-in-progress". I could have things up and running more quickly by using built-in editors etc., but I much prefer to write the pages myself - thus the actual writing is a learning-curve for me in learning XHTML. Plus I have the satisfaction of knowing exactly how I managed to get the page to look the way it does (or at times doesn't!) Please bear with me!

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