On the hills above ╚esky Krumlov is KleŁ. There is an observation tower, and an observatory.

<!--[+title+]-->Holubov, where we got off the bus.<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->Walking up to KleŁ.<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->On the lanovka, a single seat chair lift.<!--[-title-]-->

<!--[+title+]-->A view from the tower over the lanovka.<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->A view to the far distance.<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->The village of Holubov seems so far away1<!--[-title-]-->

<!--[+title+]-->The observation tower.<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->Inside the tower.<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->Spiral staircase up the tower.<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->A great view from the top.<!--[-title-]-->

<!--[+title+]-->Another view.<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->I stand on the tower.<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->Jan rests in the sun!<!--[-title-]-->

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