On this page I want to give you an idea of the sort of buildings you can see in Prague. Interestingly, quite a number of wonderful things can be seen merely by raising one's eyes! Where the ground floor of the building is now a bank, or some other mundane commercial building, the delights of the building's architecture live on above the ground floor. Here are two examples from streets in the city centre.

Above the bankabove the shops

I took some pictures along the streets to give an impression of the city, here are a few.

a streetstreet view

One February day, my wife and I walked along the embankment of the old town side of the river Vltava away from the town centre. The day was very cold, but fine and I got some nice shots of buildings along the way. First a view of the embankment (nábřeží).

Rašínovo nábřeží

Walking along the embankment brought us to the lovely Palackeho Náměstí, of the statue therein a photograph below, and then to the art nouveau buildings below the castle of Vyšehrad. We walked through the road tunnel where the rock upon which Vyšehrad is built meets the Vltava, and where we saw an interesting confrontation between low roof and high truck! This was made more interesting by the tram wanting to go past the vehicle too. Once beyond the tunnel we had a lovely view of the river.

Palackeho Náměstímodern art in architecturesunlight on the river

One of the interesting sights along the embankment, and quite close to Charles' Square (Karlovo Náměstí) is the "Dancing Building" - also called "Fred and Ginger". Designed in the 1990's by Frank Gehry, is gained its nickname by apparently resembling two dancers. What do you think?

the Dancing BuildingFred and Ginger

Two major buildings of interest are the Rudolfinum and the National Theatre (Národný Divadlo). These theatres/concert halls are striking buildings, indeed there are many such in Prague. The Rudolfinum, having been the home of the Czech Parliament for many years, is now returned to former glory and serves as the home of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. The National Theatre, topped with a gold roof, opened in 1881 and is the pride of the Czechs. Opera, ballet and Czech language theatre all play here, and tickets are quite affordable. The interiors are magnificent, but unfortunately I have been unable to take photographs inside them.

RudolfinumThe National Theatre

On Jindřišská, just off the middle of Wenceslas Square is a post office, and I attracted some attention a few years ago when I looked up above the tellers, and was so taken by the decoration of the interior that I felt impelled to take a photograph. The picture is presented here:

Inside the Post Office

Finally two pictures of a small church near Konviktská and a night shot of the castle.

Church near KonviktskáHoly Cross church

Prague by Night