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The delightful little villa of Bertramka once stood outside of the city of Prague, but has since been swallowed up by the expanding city. It was the home of František Dušek and Josefina Dušeková, he a pianist and composer and she a singer. The real claim to fame of the villa, though, lies in the fact that the couple invited Mozart to stay there, and it was in this villa that he completed the opera Don Giovanni, and it is known that he worked here on other music including The Magic Flute.

It is easy to get to the villa. Trams 4, 7, 9 and 10 all stop at the tram stop 'Bertramka', but I would recommend looking at a map before setting out, as it not well signposted to the house.

A little expensive at 110kč admission for what it contains, it is nevertheless of interest. Instruments on which Mozart played are on display in the rooms, which have been rebuilt since a fire in 1872 all but destroyed the villa. Some can be seen in the accompanying photographs. You may notice that the black keys and white keys are reversed compared with modern instruments.

instrument on which Mozart playedanother piano at Bertramka

When the building was being restored after the fire, one of the original ceilings was found almost completely intact, and surprised the restorers by its beauty. It is beautifully ornamented with painting of plants. A photograph appears here:

the painted ceiling at Bertramka

The outside of the villa is particularly beautiful. In this next photo my wife stands at the entrance to the museum. Altogether I enjoyed visiting Bertramka and though it is small as museums go, there is quite a collection of material concering the Dušek family, but less of Mozart. There is, however, a lock of Mozart's hair!

the outside of the villa