The Astronomical Clock

This is only a short page, but I felt that the clock deserved a page to itself. It is probably one of the most visited attractions in Prague - although really why that is so escapes me. I suppose the first time you see it, it is quite unusual, but if you have waited around for it to put on its show, perhaps in the rain, you start to wonder why you bothered.

the Astronomic clock

In itself the clock is something special - but - in my opinion - it is blown out of proportion. The clock was made originally in 1410 by one Mikuláš of Kadaň, with improvements made in 1490 by Hanuš of Růže. The paintings are by Josef Mánes. That's got the credits out of the way. In fact the clock is quite a feat of engineering - it is in two parts, the upper part having the time of day and the revolution of Sun and Moon, and the lower part showing the calendar, and having the paintings of the Czech countryside. Oh, by the way, the sculptures on the lower part are by Vojtěch Sucharda! (Didn't want to leave him out!)

another look at the Astronomic clock