The hill above the Lesser Side of Prague - Petřín. A wonderful viewpoint to look over the city, especially when the leaves do not impede the view! The gardens here in Spring and Summer are magnificent, and are on the site of the former vineyards. You can walk right through the park to the Strahov Monastery = well worth a visit in itself. The library here is spectacular. A folklore museum is to be found here in the Kinsky Villa.

There is here an observatory which is worth visiting. It is seen in the picture below.

The Observatory on Petřín Hill

The observatory has telescopes for the use of amateur astronomers in Prague. Of course, Prague has an honoured history connected with astronomy. From 1599-1601 Tycho Brahe was Imperial Mathematician for Emperor Rudolph II. After Brahe's death, his assistant Johannes Kepler was given the appointment until 1612, when Rudolph was deposed.

There is also the pretty church of St. Lawrence seen here.

Church of St Lawrence

Nearby is a maze of mirrors - great fun for young and old! - inside a stylized castle with its mock drawbridge. But perhaps the most obvious attraction on Petřín is the 1/5th size Eiffel Tower. I have not climbed the steps but I imagine the views must be magnificent on a clear day.

Miniature Eiffel Tower

The journey back down from the hill can be made on the funicular railway (tickets valid on trams etc are valid on here too) or lanová dráha. In the picture below you can see the passing point on this railway.

The funicular railway at Petřín