The City of 100 Spires!

There are so many churches in Prague that it was given the above name, and that, I suppose, sums up a lot of the attraction of the city - not the religious aspect but the architectural aspect! Prague isn't the sort of place you visit with young children in tow. There isn't much for them to do. But if you like history, architecture, beauty - or looking at churches - then Prague is definitely the place for you!

That doesn't mean that if you hate churches you won't enjoy this city. We have been many times, and are planning our next visit, and have only once been inside a church - and that was the massive St. Vitus' cathedral in the castle, which is a "must-see" even if you are in no way religious (if only for the stained window by Alfons Mucha - the art nouveau artist.)

You will not find many pictures of churches in these pages, but any picture of Prague towards the Hrad - the castle - is dominated by the huge bulk of the cathedral. It took about 1000 years to complete it, and they are still working on it even today.

view of the castle from across the river Vltava

Inside the castle area the cathedral is most impressive. You come up against its bulk with almost no room to stand back and view it. The courtyards of the castle are too small to allow a real perspective of the edifice. (The courtyards can be seen on the "Castle" page.) Here are some photographs to try to give some impression of the bulk of this church.

St. Vitus' CathedralCathedral againthe side of the Cathedral

Just across from the Castle is Petřín Hill, and from here, especially in Winter, there are some fine views over the city. Petřín itself has plenty of interest for the visitor, as you will see on the page devoted to it. Here, though, is just a taster of the views that can be enjoyed.

View over the city from Petřínanother view over the city