My Personal Tour

My own travelogue! Watch out Michael Palin! Seriously, though, it is nice to be able to present a taste of the wonderful delights I have found in the Czech Republic. I obviously cannot show everything there is to see - but there are excellent guidebooks available, both pictorial and textual, to give you more encouragement to visit this very interesting country. Suffice to say that the operative word in the title here is "Personal".

I just want to give a flavour of what I have seen - and hopefully encourage you to go and see these things for yourself - and discover so much more. I have limited the tour here to a brief visit to Prague, and even briefer visit to Brno - the country's second city -, to Čáslav, a small town about an hour from Prague, and a look at the village of Nelahozeves, birthplace of Dvořák, the famous composer, and the site of an interesting zámek, or chateau.

Just to mention some of the parts of Prague I have not covered in these pages might whet your appetite for more: Vyšehrad, the other castle in the city, which includes the national cemetery, where many famous Czechs are buried (notably artists and intellectuals - not politicians or soldiers!); Výstaviště the exhibition grounds including the Křižíkova Fontana, "dancing fountains" built in 1891 which are very popular; Žižkov and the television tower, and the monument to Jan Žižkov; Karlovo Náměstí; the embankments...... Some of the interesting streets can be seen in the slideshows, and the tour page entitled "Architecture". And I haven't even mentioned Czech beer!

I have illustrated the tour with photographs which I have taken on my visits. Clicking on the thumbnails will open a larger image in its own window. You can see the photos in a slideshow form by visiting the page labelled "Slideshows", but that will deny you the benefit(?) of my commentary! Some of the photographs are 35mm "snaps" which I have scanned, but now I have a digital camera available I hope the quality will improve. However, I am not a professional photographer, so the pages still remain very much a personal view.