The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is becoming more and more popular as a holiday destination - especially Prague. The city is just the most romantic of cities! Its architecture is splendid, its cultural life is vibrant, and, for most of us, it is still comparatively cheap.

Since the fall of Communism the country has opened up more and more for Western visitors, and even more so since the expansion of the EC. Indeed, there are many ex-patriates living and working in Prague now that it is said that you can live there permanently and never have to learn Czech - you can get by perfectly well with just English. I am not too sure of that, but certainly there are many English-speaking inhabitants of the capital, and many offer to teach "English" to native Czechs.

The delights of the country are not limited to the capital, though. Many cities throughout the country have a great charm, and there is much to see. From the splendour of Prague's architectural glories, to Brno and its small but beautiful old town, and Špílberk castle, to the culturally important heritage sites of Český Krumlov and Kutná Hora. Mentioning castles reminds me that I have a CDrom, which I purchased in Prague, containing information and pictures of over 200 castles and chateaux in the Czech Republic. Wherever you are, you are never far from a castle or stately home! Then there is the skiing! Many resorts have opened up especially in the Krkonoše mountains in the east of the country.

The Czech republic is situated in the very heart of Europe, as this outline map shows:

outline map of europe with czech republic marked
The regions of the Czech Republic

The Republic is divided into the regions shown above. This gives a rough orientation guide as the areas are named after the main city or large town in that region.

This map gives more detail of the towns and cities:

Political map of Czech Republic

For maps of the Czech Republic with a search facility I recommend this website:Mapy Atlas CZ
Unfortunately there are no longer any instructions in English, but by clicking on the map it is easy to find what you want.